About the Minor

The UCF minor in Florida Studies brings together faculty from history, English, political science, and other disciplines to create an integrated, in-depth exploration of our state’s changing identity as a part of the United States as well as a bridge to the Caribbean Basin, Latin America, and the rest of the world.

Students can benefit from Florida Studies courses as they prepare for careers ranging from law to social work, from historic preservation to international business, from k-12 education to environmental policy, from sports to politics, from growth management to urban planning, from arts and literature to entertainment, from tourism to trade, and from medical science to care for the elderly.

If you plan to live, work, or study in Florida, this program is for you.  Join us as we explore Florida’s past and prepare for Florida’s future!


Minor Requirements:

Each student must declare the minor through their myUCF Student Center in order to be awarded the minor upon graduation. Since the minor was introduced in 2014, the students must be in the 2014 catalog year or later in order to declare the minor.

UCF Catalog Entry for Florida Studies Minor


Florida Studies Minor – Advising Sheet


Florida Studies Brochure


Florida Studies Flyer